Reinforcement 2009-2011

The immensity of the unkown and underlying knowledge is what sparked my curiosity and inspired this body of work. Interacting with the ailing human body, helpless and inadequate, made me realize how futile our efforts are and how limited are abilities can be. Despite resurgence the human body is very weak. Although resilience is advocated to the human body and mind, as I reflect back I realize this strength can only be attributed to the divine.
These drawings started off as a documentation of the fighter instincts of mortal beings, their desire to regenerate and re-assert control. Ironically, it is this certainty of regaining control that allows me to deconstruct my own pretentious existence which is, at some level, in a state of flux and beyond my control.
I have attempted to draw the body as one feels it, not as one sees it. To express bodily experiences I have dissociated the body from the mind; treating its parts (organs) in isolation as independent objects. The unnatural presence of mechanical objects keep the body alive, becoming extensions of the body while replacing the sanctity of human biology. The Pomegranate, in the drawings, is meant to ridicule the invasive medical instruments; it is as close analogy for any organ, yet its presence is suspicious, suggesting dysfunction. These drawings, for me, are a mockery of human intervention with God’s system.

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