Intertwining fact and fiction, 2011-2013

This project is in response to natural creation and developments in biotechnology. I began this body of work as a celebration of the human body and the extraordinary design of nature evident in it. I found great similarity between the body and the pomegranate, the way the fruit is assembled, with the seeds packed in clusters, housed in cartilage-like niches creating little cavities for each seed, the thin non-permeable membrane, much like a layer of skin, provides protection and last but not least, the thick yet compliant husk encloses this intricate interior. All these attributes are reminiscent of the human body, from the distinctive space given to every organ, to the layers of tissue protecting every internal and external part of the body.

This made me realize that everything in nature is consciously planned with regards to the possible functions, purpose and progression of that organism. My work signifies resilience, strength, and fragility, aspects evident within nature.I feel like medical science and technology desecrate the body and nature in its efforts to improve it.

Pompompom, video installation, 2012

Pomelogue, sound, 00:04:49, 2012

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