Drawing Room Conversation 2010

Politically, Pakistan rife with turmoil and violence, and perhaps since the Zia era, religion has been either central or peripheral to this. One such episode was the Ashura blast and fire of 2010, where once again religion got caught in the nasty yet ingenious trap of power hungry politicians.

My experience of such violence is invisible, but despite that one feels the need to aid the situation. Because of inexplicable reasons our control is restricted and our contribution limited to ‘drawing room’ conversations. With the trolley set up with delicacies, I have attempted to imitate real life drawing room conversations making light of pertinent issues. This sound piece is about the helplessness that has reduced us to mere vocal tools, combining the trivial with the dismal while leading to the realization that we are greatly desensitized.

Listen to the Drawing Room Conversation at

Drawing room conversation, sound installation, tea and nibbles, 00:09:01